In most circumstances, I take a positive psychology approach to coaching. “Positive psychology coaching” may sound like therapy, but it is not. It simply means that our coaching relationship will focus on your strengths rather than weaknesses, opportunities rather than limitations, action rather than thought. You’ll learn to see and do things differently—sometimes making small changes, other times tackling BHAGs* (Big, Hairy, Audacious Goals).

Together, we’ll tap into the power of goal-setting and science of positive psychology to create a life you want. You’ll move to thriving instead of just surviving. And, dare I say it, you’ll learn to be happier and enjoy the good things that will “magically” come your way.

My work with each client is very individualized. We’ll figure out what you need and how to make things happen for you. Once I commit to you as a client, I become your advocate, friend and challenging force.

The best way to see if life coaching with me is a fit for you is to set up a free consultation with me. Yes, free! There’s no catch or obligation.

* According to Wikipedia, the term 'Big Hairy Audacious Goal' was introduced by James Collins and Jerry Porras in their 1994 book entitled Built to Last: Successful Habits of Visionary Companies. BHAG encourages companies to define visionary goals that are more strategic and emotionally compelling. We’ll define BHAGs for your personal life!




A Positive Psychology Approach

What is Positive Psychology?

Unlike traditional psychology that studies mental illness and what is wrong with people’s lives, positive psychology researchers bring scientific and evidence-based methodologies to the table… measurable methodologies that you can use to increase your personal resilience, power and strength in life, allowing you to unleash the best possible you and reach your goals.

Positive psychology is not just thinking happy thoughts and ignoring the negative. No one is happy all of the time. It wouldn’t be healthy. Life happens. If we lose a job or a loved one or our boss is a world class jerk, thinking positively just doesn’t cut it.

A full life has sadness, anger, envy, fear, and disappointment. If we don't give ourselves permission to experience painful emotions, they intensify, become toxic and they stick. When we let them flow through us, they weaken and dissipate.

While we cannot totally rid ourselves of painful emotions, we can make our lives significantly better and be better able to weather the tough times with resilience and create growth from difficult situations.

How It Works

You’ll learn to nurture your natural talents and strengths instead of focusing on weaknesses. You’ll uncover (or rediscover) your life’s meaning and purpose and work toward fulfilling what’s most important to you.

You’ll learn simple steps you can take to quickly enrich your life and start you on a path to well-being, such as keeping a gratitude journal, exercising, meditating, giving yourself permission to be human, simplifying and doing less and sleeping more.

Want to know more?

Contact me at or call 336-849-4045 for an introductory consultation. I can explain the coaching process—and we can get to know each other to determine if we’re a good fit. There is no cost to you and no obligation.




“Kathryn helped me as I left the corporate world to built a successful graphic arts firm. She continues to be there every step of the way, encouraging me to move outside my comfort zone to keep growing. I always know she’s in my corner—especially when dealing with challenging projects or clients. She reminds me to draw on my strengths and talents to reach my goals—and to live life my way.”

— Tracy Edwards,
Graphic Designer
(i.e., creative)

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